ROACHFORD Sonntag, 27. März 2022


3G-REGEL AB 04. MÄRZ 2022

Zutritt haben alle geimpften und genesenen Gäste (ohne Test) und zusätzlich ungeimpfte Gäste mit tagesaktuellem Testzertifikat. Eine Teststation befindet sich vor dem Eingang der Blues Garage.

Bitte haltet Eure Zertifikate und Euren Ausweis bereit, damit es am Einlass zügig voran geht. Falls Ihr Euch testen lassen müsst, plant dafür zusätzliche Zeit ein. Die Teststation ist in der Regel ab 17 Uhr besetzt.


From the moment that Andrew Roachford found himself sitting at a piano aged four, music has been his way of making sense of the world.  Growing-up in London around a vibrant melting pot culture, he  was like a sponge absorbing diverse musical influences from reggae  and punk, to rock, Jazz and soul music. 

“ I started listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Jimi Hendrix from a very early age and felt like I was tapping into an ancestry of music.  I felt a connection to these artists as people and the way they sing about love is etched into me”.

Andrew’s trademark has become his rare ability to put into words, feelings you didn’t even know you had, “It’s one of the reasons why I make music; to bring out those things that people feel, but haven’t always got a voice for. I like to bring the inner person to the forefront”.  And over the year’s, anthems like ‘Only To Be With You’, ‘The Way I feel’ and ‘Won’t Think Twice’ to name but a few have done just that.

 “I’m always pushing myself as an artist.  When it comes to songwriting, I naturally gravitate to digging deep.  That’s how it works for me”.  With Platinum and Gold selling albums, a career that spans two decades, ever since busting onto the scene with his first hit song Cuddly toy and the last five years seeing him writing and singing on everything from top-five selling international dance tracks to co-writing and touring with Mike and the Mechanics, Andrew is undeniably a prolific and unique talent. 

With his latest offering Andrew delivers a deeply honest and powerful album.  He is back doing what he does best – taking the daily challenges of life and love and helping the rest of us make sense of it all.  “You start off being what you’re not in life and then the path has this uncanny way of bringing you back to who you really are.  Life is really just a journey back home”.

Andrew’s New Album  “Twice in a Lifetime” Due out 2019


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