DATUM: Donnerstag, 9. April 2020
ZEIT: 21:00
RYAN MCGARVEY -Fällt leider aus! – Donnerstag, 9. April 2020


Hello everybody… I have been waiting for the right moment, and I suppose there’s no better time than now. I sadly have to inform everyone that was looking forward to seeing us on our Spring 2020 European Tour (of 7 countries, for 30+ shows) that the tour has now been officially canceled.

The decision took a lot of thought, and was weighed back-and-forth through many circumstances. But management, and myself saw fit that the tour would be best to do at another time. This was even prior to the new travel ban, which would have disrupted the tour, and made it not worthwhile as well. We are very sorry to all of our fans across Europe, we were really looking forward to seeing you again and to be playing some really kick ass new music for you all.

The good news in this is, we will be back in the fall hopefully, and returning to many of the places that have been postponed, or rescheduled from this tour. In addition to that, other dates will be made up for in the following spring.

As of now our July dates in Romania for the big festival are still on, but we will be monitoring the situation, and making decisions accordingly.
I am very sorry to have to be canceling shows, it is really not my style. But we can all agree with the worldwide impact this has had, it is better for everybody that we do it when everyone can enjoy our shows at a greater level.

In the meantime, we have been working on several projects (recording in Albuquerque at Rio Grande Studios) We will be releasing shortly a very limited edition printing, signed and numbered, of a brand new single! This printing will include the new single, as well as two other brand new hard rock songs, and a very special surprise rendition of a Ryan McGarvey classic.

Please keep your eyes out for announcements about the release! These should go fast, and I hope that many of our special European fans will be able to purchase and receive their copies.

I am very excited about the new sounds, as somewhat of a taste of what the next album will fully be.

We really love all of our fans from all around the world, and I hope you’ll stick by us in this time. We also hope that you all take care of each other, and remember to wash your hands and be aware of your surroundings. Let’s get past this temporary moment in time, and get back to rocking with each other in even bigger and more celebratory ways.

On behalf of me, my amazing band of Elliot Blackler, and Phil Wilson-that was to join me on tour, my Soundman Marcus Adams, and my wonderful tour manager Manni Küsters- we all apologize for the cancellations, but we will be back in even better and stronger form next time!

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