FUZZ TOP Samstag, 16. November 2024

The No.1 tribute to ZZ TOP !

Fantastic show with outfits /decor and gimmicks !


Fuzz Top was set up in November 2010.
Being an unconditional ZZ Top fan, Patrick (the drummer) had the idea to create this tribute to ZZ top.
On a side note, he bought his first ZZ Top record (Tres Hombres) more than 45 years ago!
Fuzz Top’s style is Texas Blues- Rock of course, those musicians are faithful to the original songs, the rhythm guitar and solo riffs are reproduced to the note, their repertoire is composed of the greatest hits of the bearded Texans from 1969 to today, they use the same keyboard sequences as on the original repertoire songs of the years 1979 to 1990.
Like the Texan there are three of them on stage: guitar and vocals, bass and vocals and drums and vocals
Compared to the other tributes to ZZ top, Fuzz Top stand out because they are very close to the image of ZZ Top, which means that they are both Tribute and perfect doubles.
During their shows, they use the same choreographies, Hot Rod guitars and rotating sheepskin guitars, neon microphone stands, a range of costumes and to impress the audience they have the same beards for a better illusion.
After meeting Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard on June 28th 2014, they have become the OFFICIAL TRIBUTE and are recognized as such by ZZ Top members
In terms of numbers, Fuzz Top has already performed in more than 330 shows, but over the past three years the band has performed in roughly 60 shows and travelled 50,000 kms in a year across Europe and the number of shows is on the increase.
The group is composed of:
Patrick Pacheco Guitar Vocals
Fréderic Dubois Bass Vocals
Patrick Girardon Drum Backing Vocals and Management
Do not hesitate to come and discover them, you will be impressed!!!




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