BYWATER CALL Freitag, 29. September 2023
Singer Meghan Parnell and guitarist Dave Barnes are the driving force behind
Bywater Call, a powerhouse 7-piece Southern Soul, Roots Rock outfit out of Toronto,
The band’s much anticipated sophomore album was released September 2, 2022 to
rave reviews.
The release followed an extensive tour of the EU which featured a mainstage
appearance at the Netherlands’ premiere blues festival MOULIN BLUES.
Performances there have been praised in Dutch and German media, with references
to Meghan as one of the best singers in blues and roots today.
Born out of a love for southern soul, blues and roots music and a passion to create a
powerful and moving experience for listeners, Bywater Call is completed by Bruce
McCarthy on drums, Mike Meusel on Bass, newest member John Kervin on Keys,
Stephen Dyte on Trumpet and Julian Nalli on Tenor Sax.
“Remain is sophisticated blues/rock with seriously high production values, high
musicianship, and compellingly emotional vocal breaks. Meghan Parnell’s voice
might be what happens if Susan Tedeschi and Bonny Raitt had a secret Canadian
love child and that child grew up to have a ferocious independence and style all her
own. While Dave Barnes has certainly learned from the greats of blues/rock and we
can hear that influence, he also occupies a space all his own. His slide guitar playing
is vibrant and tasteful; it’s never too much, always in the pocket, supporting and at
exactly the right moments soaring” Rock and Blues Muse
For those who have been following the band since their inception in 2017, an
evolution in sound and concept can be heard with this new chapter. And yet, the
core values of raw emotion, strong musicianship and the aim to create an exciting,
powerful, and moving experience for listeners remains ever present.
The seeds of this album were planted just prior to the band’s leaving for our
inaugural 2020 European tour, when they penned the title track REMAIN to take on
the road. Many of the tunes that round out the recording were on conceived by Dave
and Meghan on their back porch in the idle of the pandemic, armed with an acoustic
guitar and desire to grow as writers and musicians.
The album features prominently Parnell’s raw, soulful vocal and the emotional
singing slide guitar of Dave Barnes. It was produced by Gypsy Soul Records’ Renan
Yildizdogan and engineered by Ross Hayes Citrullo of RHC Music. The record was
laid down over 4 days in Jukasa Studio near Hamilton, with follow up sessions at
RHC Studio in Toronto.


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